2min walk from exit B1 of Nihonbashi station of Ginza line, Tokyo Metro

12min walk from Yaesu north exit of Tokyo station JR

児島善三郎 「椿」<br>F3、キャンバスに油彩、児島俊郎鑑定書付き、1953年制作

児島善三郎 「椿」

藤田嗣治 「ブロカ通り」<br>33.9×25.2cm 紙本に鉛筆、東美鑑定書付き、1953年制作

藤田嗣治 「ブロカ通り」
33.9×25.2cm 紙本に鉛筆、東美鑑定書付き、1953年制作

Permanent painting exhibition (closed)

April 28 thu - April 30 sat

10:00 - 18:00

 Closed 4/29

The exhibition will focus on oil paintings and drawings (watercolors) by modern Western-style painters.


While you can see the movements of the artist's hands and trivial ideas that you can't feel in oil paintings, you can feel the artist's character in oil paintings with bold colors and matiere.