28 x 23 x 7 Clay, wood, metal, glass, resin, acrylic, thread The turtle bone I picked up in the river was so beautiful that I imagined it when it was alive and made it into a work. The flowers of plum algae bloom in the tail. (artist) (2020-5-7)

2019 50 × 76 × 6.5 closed 50 × 38 × 14.5 Clay, wood, metal, glass, resin Acrylic, ammonite, shellfish, paper Retractable, some parts can be removed The theme was to dismantle the old box clock made of inorganic and organic materials, take out only the mechanical part, and remake it into a new work. You can close the box by removing the central creature. (2020-5-7)

2020 50 × 19 × 24 Clay, wood, metal, glass, resin, magnet Acrylic, paper, stone (labradorite) Mouth opening / closing The skeleton is made of stainless steel and the meat is added with clay. Movable front legs. The mouth opens and closes, and the tail feathers rotate. (2020-5-7)

2014 50 × 58 × 45 Clay, wood, metal, glass, resin, acrylic, cloth, mirror   By adjusting a small mirror on the pedestal of the work to reflect the light on the back of the face, the eyes of the sheep will glow. (2020-5-7)

2019 80 x 55 x 27 Clay / Wood / Metal / Resin / Acrylic / Cloth / Wire / Paper Mouth open / close, surface removable In the old literature, "A fox puts a human skull on its head to turn itself into a human, '' and I imagined a mysterious world where there is a popular craftsman who turns human bones into masks for foxes. In this situation, I imagined the craftsman could only get a part of a hu... (2020-5-7)