* Open on April 29th (Friday / holiday).* Charity bidding will be held until 16:00 on Saturday, 30th.   <Charity Auction 2022> Bid period: April 25 (Monday) 10:00 to April 30 (Saturday) 16:00 We will hold a bidding event for paintings, which has been well received every time.This is a unique opportunity to purchase the work you were interested in at the desired price.   <Gallery SUIHA ... (2022-3-1)

The images of art works to be bid on for the Charity Auction event starts to be announced. https://www.tokyoartantiques.com/en/event/tokyo-art-antiques-2020-charity-auction/ (2020-3-23)

Kokutani Dish with Shell DesignMinimum bid price: 50,000yenKoimari Bowl with Rabbit Design古伊万里兎紋鉢Minimum bid price: 20,000yenHajiki BowlMinimum bid price: 10,000yenSueki Jarh24cmMinimum bid price: 20,000yenJomon Bowl r16cmMinimum bid price: 20,000yen (2020-3-23)

Toko Shinoda"whisper"  sumi ink paintings and prints Toko Shinoda"penetrate"  sumi ink paintings and prints (2020-3-23)