Copt is a term used to describe the Christianized Egyptian people. During the 3rd and 12th centuries, the textile called Copt fissure is popular overseas as it covers a wide range of people, animals and plants. We have continued to collect new collections from the popular Copts fissure exhibition four years ago, and have collected more than 100 Copts fissures.From framed objects to cracked remn... (2022-3-1)

"Copts" refers to the people who became Christians in Egypt. The textiles produced during the prospered cultures between 3 to 12th century are called "copt textiles", designed with figures, animals, plants, and many other, which has become very popular in many countries. For this exhibition, I am exhibiting around 100 items of copt textiles and "zanketsu". I will be able to offer recommendation... (2018-2-5)