There are still some ongoing exhibitions depending on the stores. You are absolutely welcomed to visit the exhibitions if you could not visit due to the busy schedule or would like to see it again in a relaxed manner. Shown below for your convenience is the ongoing exhibitions. (The exhibitions in order of end date) Exhibition of Handeishi Kawakita and the Modern to Contemporary Pottery Masterp... (2016-4-19)

Nihombashi Chakai is a tea ceremony organaized by Gallery CAUTION.The aim of this project is to have a traditional tea ceremony in a contemporary art space for artists and collectors to get together.The exhibiting artist, Kim Ryoo, will be one of the guests to introduce you the artist's new works.*fee: 1,000yen (include tea and sweets)1:00pm 5seats3:00pm 5seats4:00pm 5seats6:00pm 5seatsPlease m... (2015-2-7)