We opened in Naka-Dori, Kyobashi, in 1978. Our specialty is Japanese written scripts from Heian to Kamakura period and antique sutras from Tenpei to Kamakura period. We handle Japanese ceramics from Heian to Momoyama period and various Buddist art.

We had to close our store for about a month and a half until the end of May with this corona disaster, but when we reopen the store in June, we decided to sell something that can be called the identity of our gallery. This is because I have realized that unconsciously, I have been postponing to share the artworks that are my favorite. So, first of all, a square mirror from the Heian period. Mir... (2020-6-24)

Tokoname "Sansujitsubo", which is known to old-fashioned Sukiyose, is the name-giving parent of this name is Mr. Yuji Sawada of the Tokoname Institute of Ceramics (familiar with too thin and boxy taste). , Also speculated that the three lines mean that the five layers of the body and neck, which are divided into four by the sinking line, represent the Olympic thoughts of "Kazefuchimizuchi". How... (2020-4-25)

Matsumoto Shoeido Tokyo Office will hold "From the Heian period to Modern Times" exhibition. We have selected fine Japanese paintings of each era. Please feel and enjoy the history of Japanese art. (2019-2-1)