Closed until May 7.   Under the concept of “Highly appreciated art for use” widely suggesting total settings for many situations like tea ceremony or tableware, we treat woodworks, metal works, lacquer works in addition to antiques and paintings, in addition to modern and contemporary pottery. We have exhibitions of great masters who have led the pottery world from modern to the contemporary ag...

It is said that the great artist, Kitaoji Rosanjin, said "even the taste of tofu changes when the dish changes". We would like to invite you to the world of Blue & White, Ko Sometsuke, Koimari, and Shonzui. (2020-2-1)

This exhibition is postponed to May 11. The art of Rosanjin has attracted so many people even after 60 years of his death. It is said that the number of his works reaches 300,000 items including pottery works, lacquer works, seal engraving, calligraphy and paintings. We, Shibuya Kurodatoen, introduce selected works from the tremendous. The site we open Rokeian used to be a gallery by the great ... (2020-1-23)

There are still some ongoing exhibitions depending on the stores. You are absolutely welcomed to visit the exhibitions if you could not visit due to the busy schedule or would like to see it again in a relaxed manner. Shown below for your convenience is the ongoing exhibitions. (The exhibitions in order of end date) Exhibition of Handeishi Kawakita and the Modern to Contemporary Pottery Masterp... (2016-4-19)

There is a change in dates of Shibuya kurodatoen/Rokeian's exhibition, "Exhibition of Kitaoji Rosanjin".(Before)2016.4.4(mon)- 4.16(sat) *Closed on Sunday (4/10)(Update)2016.4.11(mon)- 4.23(sat) *Closed on Sunday (4/17)Information of the exhibition>>Please beware of the change. (2016-3-16)