Uragami Sokyu-do Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979 in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. The founder, Mitsuru Uragami, worked for a well-established antique art dealer, Mayuyama & Co., for five years. Then started his own business, which marks its 41st anniversary. Uragami Sokyu-do Co., Ltd. deal with the works of Asian art, especially that of Chinese, Korean and Japanese ceramics; as well as Ukiyo-e wood bloc...

Last year in October, our gallery moved 2 blocks toward GInza. It is a small place, but we are finally getting used to it. We handle antique art, tea ceremony equipments and goods favored by Donnou Masuda and modern tea masters. We sincerely look forward to your visit.

Size Image size 50 x 24 cm Frame size 75 x 47 cm Ichinen Somiya   September 9, 1893-December 21, 1994 Japanese Western painters and essays Born in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Under the guidance of Toujiro Oshita, Takeji Fujishima, and Kiyoki Kuroda. After graduating from Tokyo Art School, he studied under Shintaro Yamashita and his brother under Yu Nakamura. In 1914, he received a commendation at the B... (2020-6-8)

This exhibition is postponed to May 11. The art of Rosanjin has attracted so many people even after 60 years of his death. It is said that the number of his works reaches 300,000 items including pottery works, lacquer works, seal engraving, calligraphy and paintings. We, Shibuya Kurodatoen, introduce selected works from the tremendous. The site we open Rokeian used to be a gallery by the great ... (2020-1-23)