Our gallery has 2 floors Shouun Oriental Art, established in 1987, is an art gallery located on the Namiki-dori in Ginza. Specializations include, ceramic works from Jomon, Yayoi, Kofun periods, and ancient kilns; Shinto and Buddhist art; fine paintings; calligraphic works; and tea utensils. In the street level space called "Orient Occident", unique thematic exhibitions showcasing art from all ...

We offer works of ancient art from Mesopotamia, Western Asia, Egypt and Central Asia, majority of which was created as a result of cultural exchange along the Silk Road. We also have Online Shop Online Shop

Pakistan Balochistan region 2500 BC There is body repair H-9.9cm (2020-5-2)

Decorative metal fittings 3-5 BC bronze L-8cm .w-7cm (2020-5-2)

Silver 4 Drachma 454-404 BC Greece Athens SurfaceSide view of Athena Goddess wearing a helmet. There is a mark on the cheek of Athena indicating the issue of Arabia. BackOwl, the goddess of Athena. Behind it, the crescent moon and the olive bud. Inscription: "Athens" (2020-5-2)

The prototype of the leather belt we are wearing today seems to have already existed in China during the Warring States period, and the mechanism is almost the same as it is today. However, it was much more fashionable and expensive than our belt, so of course only a handful of royal nobles could wear it. Moreover, it is believed that in China and Korea, it was considered that gold, silver, or ... (2020-5-2)

昨今、普段の食卓に古陶磁(古い陶磁器)を上手に取り入れたいという人が増えています。飾ったり、コレクションしたりすることも古陶磁の楽しみ方の一つですが、日本橋にある前坂晴天堂では、地元アートイベントで大人気の「普段使いの古伊万里展」など、“使い手”の視点に立った企画で古伊万里の魅力を伝えてきました。そんな前坂晴天堂の店主・前坂規之さんと、前坂さんの協力者であり応援者である空間コーディネーターの佐藤... (2020-4-25)

   Enamel or Polychrome is one of the most sophisticated production techniques among ceramic and porcelain arts by which kiln-site directors and potters apply the colored over-glazes to decorate the porcelain transparent surface in the high-temperature firing. Various patterns are designed and painted by different colors, mainly red color, providing the enamel with a highly pictorial decoration... (2020-3-12)

This exhibition is canceled.   We will display Chinese ceramics and ancient Greek art. (2020-1-22)