It is a staggered cup of Seto.I got it from the same profession who had several, but this is the last one ...A long time ago, a tubular "nozoki" came out to the world, but this is a different type.Once these things are out, they won't come out for a while.The state is good. Probably from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period. (2020-4-22)

This exhibition is postponed. (schedule undecided)   A collection of Colored painted dish plates of Early Imari, Seto, Kosometsuke from various countries, such as Japan, France and Persia. Plates that will decorate and color the space as an ornament or for serving meals. (2020-1-22)

We have interviewed the artist, Yo Seto and Haruomi Izumi, at their group exhibition at SHIKISAISHA.   Gallery information here (2018-4-30)

Aramaki Emiko, Haruomi Izumi, Shinji Ihara, Kensuke Ueno, Ikumi Emori, Norifumi Kazami, Chiharu Kihara, Yu Seto, Beniko Choji, Hanako Nagakubo, Daiichi Matsushita, Nana Monda, Asahi Yamane (2017-2-23)