Antique, tea ceremony utensils and Raku chawan We deal with antiques and tea ceremony utensils in Gion, Kyoto. 

We have a great collections of black and red tea bowls, tea ceremony equipments of the Raku family from Chojiro the 1st, Joukei, Nonkau to Kichizaemon Raku the 15th.In the Momoyama period (the 16th century), the first Raku ware was made by Chojiro, the founder of Raku ware, after receiving orders from Se no Rikyu, Japan's most famous Tea Ceremony artist. Chojiro's unique skill of hand forming h...

We handle antique art works and tea ceremony utensils.

We handle antiques and antique art, such as ceramic and porcelain, old paintings and calligraphy, lacquer ware, tea ceremony equipments and Buddhist art. We selecte iems that are enjoyable and attractive regardless of age, country, genre, or price.

We handle Japanese calligraphy paintings, antiques and art.  The usual open hours is from 11am to 6pm. 2min walk from Ginza Icchome station of Yurakucho line, 8min walk from Yurakucho station of JR Yamanote line. 5min walk from Higashi Ginza station A8 exit of Toei Asakusa lilne, 6min walk from Ginza station of Ginza line.Message from the owner:Tea Ceremony is served at our tea room.

We, "LLC KISHU" are "SHIFUKU" (cloth pouch for tea ceremony utensils) studio and also have workshop and classes. We sell materials for making "SHIFUKU", such as Kaiki <silk>  various cords tea ceremony utensils <for practice use> and so on. Notice: Our workshop is not open everyday so please contact by phone in case you visit.

We handle antique art, tea ceremony equipments and goods favored by Donnou Masuda and modern tea masters. We sincerely look forward to your visit.

We will be holding a workshop class to have the experience of making a small silk cloth called "Ko Fukusa", which is used in "CHANOYU" (tea ceremony).  This workshop will be a practice or an entrance to sewing "SHIFUKU", a small pouch to cover a "CHAIRE", a tea powder container. Notice: Reservation for class is required. Fee: 1,000yen + price of cloth (from 5,000yen) How to make reservation: Pl... (2019-2-1)