For our future reference, it would be very helpful to understand what we have or have not accomplished.

The survey is submitted anonymously, and there will not be any information collected that will lead to any individual.

If you can come to the event and post the survey in the survey box, we are handing out a small present.


[Galleries that places the survey box]

KASHIMA ARTS, Gallery SUIHA, MAYUYAMA & CO.,LTD, Hayashida Gallery, Gogatsudo, SAITO SHIKODO, KAKEI's Fine Japanese & Asian Art, Iidakojitsudo, Gallery KOCHUKYO Co.Ltd., Shunpudo Gallery, KOCHUKYO CO.,LTD, Japanese Bamboo Baskets: Hanabako, Maruzen, Nihonbashi, 3rd Floor Gallery, Sankeido Ltd., T.EDO INOUYE & SON oriental art NIHONBASHI


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