Published: 2018-4-16

Audio Guide Tour will be available!

Audio Tour Guide steps to start
Audio Tour Guide steps to start

"Tokyo Art & Antiques" will introduce a browser-based audio tour service for your smartphones during our event.

Both domestic and international visitors can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and rediscover the Nihonbashi /Kyobashi area by finding historical masterpieces, and prominent and valuable art and culture. You will enjoy another side of Nihonbashi /Kyobashi with this service.

The CO3 Audio Tour offers multilingual service without having to download an application. In the "Tokyo Art & Antiques" event, you can listen to the audio guide of each gallery in Japanese and English.  Some galleries also have a Chinese language option. 

At the galleries, you will find a QR code that can be scanned to bring up the service for your smartphone. The code is linked with the gallery number on the map, so you can get the directions and other information that is not on the map. 

The CO3 Audio Tour official website is here.

Start Tokyo Art & Antiques' Audio Tour Here (starts from April 23)