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Gallery SUIHA
2018 April 16 mon - April 28 sat

Hans Innemee is a Dutch artist whose artworks have been featured in the newspapers and art magazines as a new type of contemporary art a...

Kentaro TAJIMA 3rd Solo Exhibition

Gallery Hakudohtei
2018 April 16 mon - April 28 sat

It is a solo exhibition of the young Japanese style painting artist Kentaro Tajima.

Lacquer Art Works of Edo Period

Iinuma Ryokusindo
2017 April 14 fri - April 15 sat

An exhibition of Maki-e lacquer art works made during the Edo period.

Old Imari Tableware Special Sale

2017 April 14 fri - April 15 sat

We sell Old Imari Tableware at special price.

Fifty Go-sun Kosometsuke Dishes

art kawasaki
2017 April 14 fri - April 19 wed

A collection of about 50 of Go-sun (go-sun meaning five-sun is the size of about 15 cm) dishes of kosometsuke will be exhibited and sold...

Charity Auction: Luristan bronz ornament and Jomon Pottery Piece

2017 April 14 fri - April 15 sat

Jomon Pottery Piece bid price from 8,000yen Fudo-myo-ou-inbutsu, heirloom of Toji from bid price from 90,000yen Ordos Pega...

Ko-Imari for Everyday Use 2017

To thank our customers, we will provide Ko-Imari for everyday use at an offordable price only during the Tokyo Art & Antiques. Don't...

Yagi Kazuo - Konno Collection -

2017 April 14 fri - April 22 sat

This is the special exhibition for the collection by Mr. Konno Shigeru, which was unpublished for a long time. He treasured works of Yag...