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Lacquer Art Works of Edo Period

Iinuma Ryokusindo
2017 April 14 fri - April 15 sat

An exhibition of Maki-e lacquer art works made during the Edo period.

Old Imari Tableware Special Sale

2017 April 14 fri - April 15 sat

We sell Old Imari Tableware at special price.

Fifty Go-sun Kosometsuke Dishes

art kawasaki
2017 April 14 fri - April 19 wed

A collection of about 50 of Go-sun (go-sun meaning five-sun is the size of about 15 cm) dishes of kosometsuke will be exhibited and sold...

Charity Auction: Luristan bronz ornament and Jomon Pottery Piece

2017 April 14 fri - April 15 sat

Jomon Pottery Piece bid price from 8,000yen Fudo-myo-ou-inbutsu, heirloom of Toji from bid price from 90,000yen Ordos Pega...

Ko-Imari for Everyday Use 2017

To thank our customers, we will provide Ko-Imari for everyday use at an offordable price only during the Tokyo Art & Antiques. Don't...

Yagi Kazuo - Konno Collection -

2017 April 14 fri - April 22 sat

This is the special exhibition for the collection by Mr. Konno Shigeru, which was unpublished for a long time. He treasured works of Yag...

Pottery With HANASUMI(flower charcoal)

2017 April 14 fri - April 27 thu

Please enjoy HANASUMI and other pottery’s made by Takashi Sakumiya.  HANASUMI is the Japanese word for a type of charcoal which i...

Best Raku Ware Exhibition

Shimoi Art
2017 April 14 fri - May 31 wed

We are offering best Raku wares of from Chojiro the 1st to Raku Kichizaemon the 15th and other beautiful tea utensils.

Orient Occident / flower

Shouun Oriental Art / Orient Occident
2017 April 14 fri - April 15 sat

Shouun Oriental Art's first floor space will newly open as Orient Occident. Thematic exhibition titled "Flower" will be held as its open...

Toshiro Kawase lecture "Ancient Vessels -  Selecting and Arranging" (reservation needed)

During the exhibition of "Flower" at first floor of Shouun Oriental Art's newly open gallery Orient Occident, at the 2nd floor space, Ik...

Zen paintings

Oriental Art Tenpo-Do
2017 April 14 fri - April 15 sat

ZEN Exibition was held at the National Museum last year. Master Hakuin was highly spotlighted in that Exhibition. During the Art-...