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“When I trace sunlight as it shines on our planet, I begin to remember, to feel almost in real time how fast our earth is spinning”.

Michiko Van de Velde experiences sunlight as an encounter. She seeks to capture sunlight’s apparitions before its nuances and changes disappears. Through a plurality of media (painting, ceramics, site specific artworks, etchings, books and video), she shares these short-lived experiences as attempts to accept the irreversibility of time.

Komorebi is Van de Velde’s search for the poesy in the perennial relationship between sunlight and people. Van de Velde observes light and shadow beneath trees to (re)discover phenomena that are beyond her own perception: the shapes of sunlight/sunset, solar eclipse, the rotation of the earth…

These new artworks have been especially created in her studio in Brussels. We hope that many people will enjoy seeing these traces of light by Michiko Van de Velde

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