Old Ceramics & Works of Art

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The show will focus on the two main fields of oriental antiquities, "old ceramic ware" and “stone and metal ware” including ancient bronze ware, jade, and stone sculpture, which have been handled by Mayuyama & Co., Ltd. since it was established. We will display a wide variety of works to give visitors a bird's eye view of the wide and deep world of Oriental antiquities. Hope this show will be a good entry point to collect antiquities.

In meanwhile, we will also hold an event to distributing back numbers including very rare issues issued in 1960s of Tosetsu, a monthly journal published by the Japan Ceramic Society. Since its launch in 1953, Tōsetsu has provided information on everything from archaeology to antiquities and antiques to modern pottery, including exhibitions, news, and essays. We hope that those who picks up some issues of Tōsetsu there will become new devotees of ceramic ware.

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