Permanent exhibition of Japanese paintings and Western paintings

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Shunpudo Gallery

Shunpudo Gallery was founded in 1913 and has focused on Japanese and Western paintings. Our mission is to introduce the works of artists known as masters to museums and private collectors, while also supporting up-and-coming artists so that they can establish themselves as representative artists of the next generation.

Ryuzaburo Umehara has been showing new developments since 1945.
The development begins with the creation of Mt. Fuji, and eventually changes to Mt. Asama, which is drawn in parallel.
Karuizawa opened a new atelier and became an important stage for Umehara's art.
After that, Mt. Asama and Karuizawa are repeatedly depicted, with a free-spirited style that seeks color rather than form, and is distinctly Umehara-like.
This is a work that shows an extraordinary amount of love, as he continued to paint Mt. Asama until his last painting of his life.

Author: Ryuzaburo Umehara

Title: Asama

Size: 22.5×29.7cm

Material: Pencil on paper.

Shunpudo Gallery will hold a permanent exhibition of mainly Japanese and Western paintings.  The Japanese paintings will be mainly by deceased artists, while the Western paintings will include small works by famous artists.  We hope that during this period, visitors will enjoy the store's everyday atmosphere and have the opportunity to meet customers who do not usually come to the store.

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