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五彩蝶猫文火入 明末 17世紀 

五彩蝶猫文火入 明末 17世紀 

小黒 アリサ 「寝くま」<br />h10.1cm×w10.2cm×d12.0cm	 檜・彩色

小黒 アリサ 「寝くま」
h10.1cm×w10.2cm×d12.0cm 檜・彩色

金城 博美 「ジーガキーイッチン龍文偏壺」<br /> w 9.6cm x d 7.7cm x h 9.7cm

金城 博美 「ジーガキーイッチン龍文偏壺」
w 9.6cm x d 7.7cm x h 9.7cm

松本 亮平 「Traveling Cats」 F3横 アクリル、板

松本 亮平 「Traveling Cats」 F3横 アクリル、板

河端 理恵子 「赫焉タケノコメバル飾り皿」 <br />d 24㎝ x h 3.0㎝ 磁器 赤絵細描

河端 理恵子 「赫焉タケノコメバル飾り皿」
d 24㎝ x h 3.0㎝ 磁器 赤絵細描

金城吉彦 “海老魚文徳利“ d.9.2cm x h.12.6cm

金城吉彦 “海老魚文徳利“ d.9.2cm x h.12.6cm

騎西屋 関口まゆみ “百合ブローチ” <br>H約6㎝×W約6㎝ silver925・brass・タヒチアンパール

騎西屋 関口まゆみ “百合ブローチ”
H約6㎝×W約6㎝ silver925・brass・タヒチアンパール

Life on this planet 2022 (closed)

April 27 wed - May 1 sun

"Life on this planet" is a joint exhibition by two galleries, "Mokkei" and "Maison de neko", with the theme of creatures on the earth. The contents of the exhibition are a collaboration between the world of antique art centered on Chinese ceramics and artists such as modern wood carving, pottery, metal engraving, and painting.
Now that the changes in the global environment caused by humankind have a great impact on the biological system, I would like to convey the feeling of dignity to us and those who have mainly walked through the exhibition.


Period: April 27th (Wednesday) -May 1st (Sunday), 2022
Tokyo Art & Antiques will be available for 3 days on April 28th (Thursday), 29th (Friday), and 30th (Saturday).
Time: 12:00 to 17:00 * Until 16:00 on the last day
Exhibited work concept: Living things on earth
Exhibit contents: Collaboration of antique works and contemporary works

Exhibited works
Antiques: Ceramics, calligraphy, crafts
Contemporary works: wood carving, pottery, metal engraving, painting, three-dimensional

Participating artists: Alisa Oguro (wood carving), Rieko Kawabata (Kutani ware), Yoshihiko / Hiromi Kinjyo (ceramic art), Mayumi Sekiguchi (gold engraving), Ryohei Matsumoto (painting)

Past Exhibitions and Events

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