Since Sankeido Gallery began in 1871, we are concerned to ensure that sincerity and confidence remain our most important values. We have done our best to perform the appointed tasks as an art dealer, such as preserving art works, making the art market stable, introducing art pieces of real value, supporting young artists, and so on. Believing that arts, which can add taste to our lives, will pl...

Gallery Tomura was established in Ginza, Tokyo in 1989 and have moved to Kyobashi in 2006. We mainly handle modern and contemporary artworks. Therefore, we hold the exhibition of emerging artists who are Japanese, Koran, Chinese, European and American to promote their works to the collector, company and museum. We also take part in the art fair in Japan and overseas.

The Gallery Ichibanboshi ( in Nihonbashi,Tokyo),established in1987, has collected Japanese modern art works with a unique perspective. It includes art works of Kazumasa Nakagawa, Junsaku Koizumi, Hiroshi Noda, Satoshi Noda, Junichi Ishida, Takashiro Kurashima, and more.

We opened in Kyobashi in 1979. In addition to modern paintings, we also deal with prints. (Kiyoshi Saito, Tetsuro Komai, Niwako Tannami, etc.) Our shop is on the 3rd floor of a building with a long-established knife shop named Nishikan.

The exhibition will focus on oil paintings and drawings (watercolors) by modern Western-style painters.   While you can see the movements of the artist's hands and trivial ideas that you can't feel in oil paintings, you can feel the artist's character in oil paintings with bold colors and matiere. (2022-3-1)

We will focus on oil paintings from the 1950s to the later years. (2022-3-1)

Toshihiro Matsumoto is an artist and collector. He is painting an oil painting. He collects the first colored porcelain from the late Ming and Qing dynasties in China.He will exhibit still life paintings with colored porcelain as a motif and collected colored porcelain.    Toshihiro Matsumoto   My collection itinerary and exhibition   In 1994, a special exhibition "Chinese Ceramics" was held at... (2022-3-1)

Following on from last year's exhibition at Namiki Gallery, Michi Ogawa and I (Noriko Okuyama) will be holding a” Two-Person Exhibition”. We normally don’t decide how we do it, but our paintings seem to be in harmony with each other without any conflict. The surfaces and lines represent our individuality. I chose the word "wave motion" to describe the resonance between our works. Every day, I d... (2022-3-1)