We opened in Naka-Dori, Kyobashi, in 1978. Our specialty is Japanese written scripts from Heian to Kamakura period and antique sutras from Tenpei to Kamakura period. We handle Japanese ceramics from Heian to Momoyama period and various Buddist art.

Period : Kamakura period 13th century Dimensions : Framing 114.0 x 35.3 cm Main paper 28.0 x 22.6 cm Literature : Kofudegaku Taisei Vol. 7 Explanation : Emperor Fushimi (1265-1317) has written a total of 60 volumes of "Kokin-shu" 20 volumes, "Gosenshu" 20 volumes, "Shui-shu" 20 volumes. The collection of these were copied by Emperor Fushimi to one book, and is called Chikugogire.Cloud-shaped pa... (2020-5-2)