Since its establishment in 1924, we have been dealing with high quality antique art of the orient such as ceramics and porcelain of China, Korea, Japan, and paintings and Kinseki (epigraphy). The naming of the gallery:There is an old story in a chinese document called "Heaven in a jar". During the Donghan dynasty, an officer meets an old man in the town who is selling medicines. The old man, ri...

Our gallery deals with Japanese, Chinese and Korean Ceramics and porcelain art works. Regardless of the genre, we would like to introduce the profound antique world of new and the old.

Welcome! It's a great pleasure having your visit with us. We are eagerly wishing, if you could enjoy our highly qualified essence of Oriental and Asian works of art with us. T. Edo Inouye & Son oriental art, as a leading specialist for oriental art and antiques, we may lead and give you the best choice of the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other novel Asian works of art with the notion of bo...

We handle orinetal art works. Deal in Mesopotamia, Persia, Egypt, Greek, Romen art.

昨今、普段の食卓に古陶磁(古い陶磁器)を上手に取り入れたいという人が増えています。飾ったり、コレクションしたりすることも古陶磁の楽しみ方の一つですが、日本橋にある前坂晴天堂では、地元アートイベントで大人気の「普段使いの古伊万里展」など、“使い手”の視点に立った企画で古伊万里の魅力を伝えてきました。そんな前坂晴天堂の店主・前坂規之さんと、前坂さんの協力者であり応援者である空間コーディネーターの佐藤... (2020-4-25)

Edo period, 17th century Diameter 14.2 cm, height 1.8 cm A gem of an Ko-kutani small plate with a novel design that intentionally places the inscription, which is usually designed on the back, is designed in the center of the vessel, and a unique design that draws a circle line  around it using a three-color painting.On the back side, a red pine needle pattern is drawn using red, and the inscri... (2020-4-25)

Edo period, late 17th century Long diameter 19.3 cm, height 8.8 cm A gem of the Kakiemon gate which draws a lion with a smiley pattern with a bead on a beautiful milky white base called "Nigoride".The lion's figure covered with red and beautiful fur gives off powerful energy and looks like a burning flame.On the side of the bowl, a treasure design is drawn. *Repaired (2020-4-25)

Edo period, late 17th century Diameter 18.5 cm, height 3.3 cm A gorgeous round flower plate of Kakiemon in the high age, shaped into a ridge flower using a mold.The composition of the bird that rests its wings on the bamboo that extends from the Taihu stone is a look of the bird with wide open eyes and the appearance of the bird that seems to cling to the bent bamboo. And so on, it's smiling an... (2020-4-25)