Under the concept of “Highly appreciated art for use” widely suggesting total settings for many situations like tea ceremony or tableware, we treat woodworks, metal works, lacquer works in addition to antiques and paintings, in addition to modern and contemporary pottery.We have exhibitions of great masters who have led the pottery world from modern to the contemporary age, and also the exhibit...

We are exhibiting art crafts created with splendid techniques that were extremely popular in the West around the time of the Meiji era. We have metalwork, cloisonne, lacquer, inro, Kyo-Satsuma pottery, ivory ornament, netsuke, etc.

Hirano Kotoken has been dealing with Chinese and Korean works of art for over 80 years, since our establishment in 1936. Over the years, clients have included national or private museums, institutions and important private collectors from all over the world.

Koji Hatakeyama (born in 1956) is a contemporary metal artist. In the fall of 2022, the first full-scale retrospective exhibition will be held at the Hiromi Kikuchi Memorial Museum of Wisdom, and expectations have risen for his future developments and the momentum for his re-evaluation as a leading figure in metal craft art (casting) both inside and outside the country. Since our solo exhibitio... (2023-3-8)

"Life on this planet" is a joint exhibition by two stores, the antique art "Kiden" and the gallery "Maison de Neko", with the theme of creatures on earth. It is a competition between antique art, mainly Chinese ceramics, and contemporary wood carving, pottery, metal engraving, painting, etc.The changes in the global environment caused by humankind have a great impact on the biological system, a... (2023-3-1)

We will release and exhibit the latest works by four young maestri who will lead the next generation of metal craft art. Naoki Sakai: Forging, Keiko Kume: Engraving, Satoshi Mizushiro: Engraving, Tsuyoshi Ueda: Casting and each technique and aesthetic sense are maximized, and the lineup that combines beauty and quality that will remain in posterity is for the viewer. It will burn into your mind. (2022-3-1)

"Life on this planet" is a joint exhibition by two galleries, "Mokkei" and "Maison de neko", with the theme of creatures on the earth. The contents of the exhibition are a collaboration between the world of antique art centered on Chinese ceramics and artists such as modern wood carving, pottery, metal engraving, and painting.Now that the changes in the global environment caused by humankind ha... (2022-3-1)