We introduce paintings of Motoyuki Takizawa, Masaaki Sasamoto, Takumi Arita, Minoru Hirota. A 5min walk from Tokyo station: Exit Yaesu Chuo and go straight ahead the Yaesu Dori, turn right on Chuo Dori ( Bridgestone Museum on the corner) and turn left on the first traffic light and it is the 3rd door from the corner. 2min walk from Kyobashi station, Ginza line: Use A6 exit (nearer to Nihonbashi...

For some reason, there are paintings that are favored by "Shikisha". Most of the favored artists are from the Meiji to Taisho eras, as a post-war painter, it would be Suda Kokuta. This work is one of the popular series among antique lovers, which depicts the bodhisattva head of the Ryumon Cave. As for the reason why our gallery handles this drawing is because I was more interested in "The Bodhi... (2020-5-2)

Three human insects live in the human body, and they constantly monitor the actions of those who parasitize themselves, and on the evening of the Kosaru, which comes once every 60 days, the person While sleeping, he reports his daily activities to the Emperor. And if there is a bad thing, the life will be shortened or it will be fallen into hell, so it is said that it is not appropriate to be i... (2020-5-2)

This exhibition is postponed. (schedule undecided)   Exhibition and Sale of Jomon pottery, stone tools and Dogu. (2020-1-22)

Jomon period jarh7cmBidding starts from 25,000yen~  Gosu Sometsuke bowl with cow designMing dynastyh8.5cmBidding starts from 50,000yen~  Sueki jar Kofun periodFormerly owned by Yasuda Yukihikoh14.5cmBidding starts from 40,000yen~  Bronze KannonnEdo periodh2.9cmBidding starts from 10,000yen~   Flolio rubbing of Han dynasty stone imagew54cmBidding starts from 3,000yen~ (2019-3-25)

Ancient art works, such as comma‐shaped beads, Luristan, small bronze Buddha, yong etc. Stone rubbing are from 2,000yen. (2019-2-1)

Shouun Oriental Art's first floor space will newly open as Orient Occident. Thematic exhibition titled "Flower" will be held as its opening exhibition on April 14th and 15th. Ancient Japanese vessels, which can be used as flower vessels, will be exhibited. Selection of items will include Jomon pots, Yayoi pots, Sueki stoneware, bronze vessels, and lacquerware. Exhibition will also include antiq... (2017-2-10)