Published: 2021-9-8

September 15: Yumiko Sato and Maesaka Seitendo will be on stage at the Arts and Culture Course!

Yumiko Sato, who was in charge of space coordination for the Tokyo Art Antique "Surrounded by Favorite Things-Nice Coordination with Art That I Can Do" project, and Noriyuki Maesaka, the owner of TAA participating store Maesaka Seitendo, I will be on stage at an art and culture course sponsored by Kyobashi Saiku!

At TAA, Ms. Sato's lecture was planned, but it did not come true just after the state of emergency was declared by COVID.

We are really happy that this will be realized in the art and culture course in Kyobashi Saiku.

If you have time or are interested, please join us.

Held online. If it's not convenient for you, it will be archived on Youtube later!

21st Traditional crafts and art for living
-Living surrounded by your favorite things-
Date: 2021/09/15 (Wednesday) 18: 30-20: 00
Speakers: Yumiko Sato, owner of Spatial Design Studio Stråle, Noriyuki Maesaka, owner of Maesaka Seitendo