[Important] Cancelation of Tokyo Art & Antiques 2020 (updated 4/14)

The Tokyo Art & Antique Committee has decided to cancel the Tokyo Art & Antique 2020 event due to the announcement of today's emergency declaration.

We are very sorry, but we ask for your understanding.

Also, we are very sorry for those who were looking forward to this event every year and those who have planned for the first time this year.

We will look forward to more exciting projects for the next event, so please look forward to it.

Although some galleries will continue to operate, TAA will refrain from sending out informations that will prompt visiting galleries. Instead, we will send out information about galleries and how to enjoy art.

I hope you find it helpful for the future.

Information on the cancelation or postponement of exhibitions will be posted in this post.



● All events presented by Tokyo Art & Antiques.

(Concerge desk, sale of Hakuji Saika, Talk event by Ms. Yumiko Sato)

● P.4, 5, 60 Workshop "Sewing up a silk cloth, Fukusa and Wallet"  -- Kishu edo-shifuku

● P.4, 5, 32  Gallery Talk "How to enjoy Chinese Ceramics"  -- MAYUYAMA CO., LTD.


<updated 4/7>

● P.54 “Ko-Imari for Everyday Use“ -- Oriental Antiques Gallery Maesaka Seitendo

● P.36  "Celadon" -- HIRANO KOTOKEN

● P.30 "Wild Flower Vases and Old Figures of Gods"  -- ARTSPACE MAYU
      *Web exhibition will be held

<updated 4/8>

● P.50 "YASUHIRO MARUO EXHIBITION" -- Gallery Hakudohtei

● P.20 "Maruzen Contemporary and Modern Tea Bowl Exhibition" -- Maruzen, Nihonbashi, 3rd Floor Gallery

● P.23   "Hyakusui Hirafuku Exhibition"  -- Gallery Gunji 

● P.32   "Matsumoto Toshihiro Painting exhibition~Fruits on a dish in Ming-Qing dinasty17th~"  -- Galerie Floraison

<updated 4/12>

● P.31  "Miyoko Takehara Solo Exhibition"  -- Hayashida Gallery  

<updated 4/14>

● P.41  "Adorable Buddhist Art"  -- KAKEI's Fine Japanese & Asian Art  

● P.58  "Ootsue"  -- Oriental Art Tenpo-Do


● P.35  "Masanori Maeda solo Exhibition round and round" -- GALLERY RIN



● P.47  "Taiaki Yano -good news-"  -- Gallery MARI (schedule undecided)

● P.52  "KINO Satoshi Exhibition"  -- Gallery Kochukyo (schedule undecided)

● P.25  "Masayoshi Nakamura Exhibition --Faces-- From a Private Collection"  -- MORITA GALLERY (schedule undecided)

● P.53  "Okumura Togyu Drawings 2020"  -- SHIKOU GALLERY (schedule undecided)

● P.59 "Kei Katou Exhibition" --GALLERY SYUUZANDOU (schedule undecided)

● P.9  青花の会 骨董祭 (Seika no Kai) (schedule undecided)

● P.63  "Special Triennial Tobi Art Fair 2020" (Advertisement)(schedule undecided)

<updated 4/7>

● P.39  "Tatsuji Ohara Exhibition -Light of Spain-" -- Gallery KANAI (postponed to 2021 May) Currently exhibiting the "The Spring Excellent Painting Exhibition" will be continued for a while.

● P.55  "White and Black" -- KOCHUKYO CO.,LTD (schedule undecided)

● P.61  "MY PRIVATE EYES"  -- INOUE ORIENTAL ART Nihonbashi (schedule undecided) Pre-sale is held at the gallery's website. http://www.inouye-art.com/

● P.40  "Kyoko Kobayashi Exhibition"  -- SILVER SHELL(will be postponed to May 18 mon - May 29 fri)

<updated 4/8>

● P.36  "Naoto Yano Karatsu Pottery Exhibition" -- Kottounomise Kai

● P.30  "The Japanese Art Exhibition” Exhibition of Japanese Artists -Lived in the Meiji to the Showa period  -- Kujyaku Gallery 

● P.26  "Hiroko Higuchi Solo Exhibition"  -- Kawauso gallery

● P.34  "♡Animals 2020"  -- SHIKISAISHA (postponed to May 8 - May16)

● P.41  "Rosanjin and Antique Art" -- Shibuya kurodatoen/Rokeian (Postponed to 5/11)

<updated 4/10>

● P.23  "23rd Ki no Kai Three days to meet Kaita"  -- SUZUKI ART GALLERY

● P.56  "Baskets of Omotenashi"  -- HANABAKO

<updated 4/14>

● P.22  "Kobata Kimiyo Japanese Style Painting, with a Tea Ceremony"  -- Shibata Etsuko Gallery

● P.25 "Picturesque Plates"  -- art kawasaki

● P.22  "Exhibition for Danish design from 20th century"  -- Luca Scandinavia

● P.53  "BEST FRIEND" Postponed to 5/16-6/5  -- Sansiao Gallery

● P.45 "Art of Jomon"  -- Kyorai

● P.44 "Life on this planet " (planning on late July)  -- Maison de neko & MOKKEI


[Changes of Open hours]

● P.28 Gallery SUIHA Open hours changes to 11:00 -17:00  Closed on Sat, Sun and National Holiday

● P.62  Nihonbashi Kodenmacho gallery  closed from 4/7 to 5/6.

<updated 4/8>

● P.50 Gallery Hakudohtei  Closed until May 6

● P.32 MAYUYAMA & CO.,LTD  Closed until May 6

● P.26 Gallery Gunji Co.,Ltd  Closed from 4/10 - 4/19

● P.26  Kawauso gallery  Closed until May 12

● P.26  Shibuya kurodatoen/Rokeian  Closed until May 7

<updated 4/10>

● P.56  Japanese Bamboo Baskets: Hanabako Closed for a while

<updated 4/12>

● P.31  Hayashida Gallery  Closed for a while

<updated 4/14>

● P.22  Shibata Etsuko Gallery Closed until May 8

● P.22  Luca Scandinavia Closed for a while

● P.51  Gallery Ichibanboshi Closed for a while

● P.24  NAKACHO KONISHI Closed for a while

● P.35  GALLERY RIN Closed until May 7


【Museum exhibition information】(P.64, 65)

●  "The Esthetics of Cha no Yu" Idemitsu Museum of Arts  <Cancelled>

●   "Discovering the Arts & Culture of the Olympic Games"  Mitsui Memorial Museum <suspended>
    *In line with the postponement of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, exhibition is suspended until further notice.

●   "Dreamed childhoods Bonnard, the Nabis and childhood"  Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, Tokyo <temporarily closed until further notice>

●  "Kanda Nissho : A Retrospective"  Tokyo Station Gallery <temporarily closed until further notice>

< updated 4/6 >
● Artizon Museum 3 exhibitions starting from 4/18 <openning postponed and temporarily closed until further notice>

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