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Prints, Artist goods : Charity Auction

Sansiao Gallery
2019 April 25 thu - April 27 sat

Mark Kostabi  "KISS" James Rizzi autograph and print with edition "LIFE IN THE BIG APPLE" + color pencils etc


2019 April 25 thu - April 27 sat

Artist:Yamaguchi Takeo / Fukami Sueharu / Okabe Mineo / Inoue Yuichi / Kamoda Shoji / Kakurezaki Ryuichi / Kawase Shinobu...

Workshop "Sewing up a silk cloth, <i>Fukusa</i>"

Kishu edo-shifuku
2019 April 25 thu - April 27 sat

We will be holding a workshop class to have the experience of making a small silk cloth called "Ko Fukusa", which is used in "CHANOYU" (...

Kokutani Ware Exhibition

2019 April 25 thu - April 27 sat

Our gallery will exhibit about 10 selected Kokutani wares. Kokutani is one of the finest painted porcelain wares, that has fascinated co...

Sake Ware Exhibition

2019 April 25 thu - April 27 sat

We will hold an exhibition of Sake sets.We have a large selection of Sake sets made of glass or ceramics at affordable prices.

Enjoyable Glass Wares

antique shop Wabisuke
2019 April 25 thu - April 28 sun

Beautifull antique glass art works from edo, meiji, to taisho period and Bohemian and Japanese traditional Kiriko works will be exhibite...

Shiro Tsujimura Pottery Exhibition

Kami Ya Co., Ltd.
2019 April 25 thu - April 27 sat

Sake wares and vases, small dishes of pottery artist, Shiro Tsujimura.

Danish Furniture and Royal Copenhagen of 20th Century

We have selected old table wares of Royal Copenhagen and Danish furnitures from the mid 20th century. Please enjoy the elegant de...

All from 15,000 yen!: Charity Auction

2019 April 25 thu - April 27 sat

All bidding starts from 15,000yen! *image:  Ikeda Masuo, 1985, Lithograph, 38.3×28.2cm, ed150Bidding starts from 15,...

Enjoy Antique Ceramics and Porcelain X

Tsutsumi Fine Arts
2019 April 25 thu - April 27 sat

This will be the 10th year to hold this exhibition during Tokyo Art & Antiques. I will exhibit rare potteries for this event....

Charity Auction: Ban Chiang Jar

Tsutsumi Fine Arts
2019 April 25 thu - April 27 sat

Ban Chiang Jar, Thai, around AD

Charity Auction

2019 April 25 thu - April 27 sat

十一面観音懸仏 鎌倉時代 最低落札価格:70,000円

Kawase Hasui Wood Block Print Exhibition

*Last day closes at 5pm Kawase Hasui is one of the last Ukiyo-e artist, who drew the nostalgic landscape of Japan. Recently, beca...

Primavera -The Goddesses of Spring- Junko Kuge, Nana Suzuki, and Masako Tadokoro Exhibition

We introduce three female artists, expressing in their ways painted by acrylic gouache or oil.


Nihonbashi Galleria Community Space (event hall)
2019 April 24 wed - April 28 sun

Tokyo Art & Antiques will hold a collaboration event "LIFE WITH KOGEI" with "Hale marche", a sister brand of "Art & Craft Market...

Tukika Kitamura Exhibition "Mori no ohanashi"

Chiyoharu gallery
2019 April 23 tue - April 28 sun

I paint the whispers of small creatures. I would be pleased if you could visit. Tsukika Kitamura

Blue and Blue -Celadon and blue and white of Ming and Qing-

Our gallery will be exhibiting blue and white dishes from the Ming to Qing dynasty at a reasonable price during the Tokyo Art & Anti...

Tea Bowl exhibition

Uno Shoten.co,ltd.
2019 April 22 mon - April 27 sat

Uno Shoten will hold "Tea Bowl exhibition". We will exhibit various types of tea bowls, such as Korean, Raku and Japanese. We will also ...

Ryota Yuki Solo Exhibition

Sakai Kyouseido
2019 April 22 mon - April 28 sun

Sakai Kyouseido is pleased to present the exhibition of Ryota Yuki's traditional Japanese painting exhibition. This young artist ...

Hyakusui Hirafuku Exhibition

Gallery Gunji Co.,Ltd
2019 April 22 mon - April 27 sat

We will exhibit small works of Japanese style paintings, hanging scroll paintings of Hyakusui Hirafuku, an artist from Akita prefecture ...


Ebiya Art
2019 April 22 mon - April 27 sat

We will introduce various antiques. More information will be fallowed at the website. We look forward to your visit!

Kanako Kiyomi Japanese painting Exhibition

Hayashida Gallery
2019 April 22 mon - April 27 sat

The exhibition period is from April 22 (Monday) to 27 (Saturday). “Fresh green buds, refreshing wind bleaks” We asked for the the...

Kobata Kimiyo Japanese Style Painting, with a Tea Ceremony Taste "Wakakusa monogatari hen"

This is an exhibition to enjoy a heartwarming painting and a tea ceremony with daily use utensils.