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Toru Ichikawa solo Exhibition

2019 April 16 tue - April 27 sat

Toru Ichikawa continues to develop ceramics works with its own style. Presenting a strong expression of assertion such as red and black,...

[Postponed  5/11-30 & November] ♡Animals 2020

2019 April 16 tue - April 27 sat

This exhibition is postponed. Online Exhibition only by appointment5/...

Guy Dessapt Exhibition

Gallery SUIHA
2019 April 15 mon - April 27 sat

Guy Dessapt, as a “Modern Impressionists” is highly prized by art connoisseurs worldwide.

Art of “RED & BLACK” Shinichi Saito x Masuo Ikeda x Georges Rouault

This is a special exhibition of collected works in "RED & BLACK" by 3 artists (Georges Rouault|Shinichi Saito|Masuo Ikeda).

Artists of the Era -Showa and Heisei-

2019 April 15 mon - April 27 sat

When the owner of MORITA GALLERY started the art buisness in 1993, there were still many artists that represented "the Showa" era.

Group Exhibition of Taira

Saihodo Gallery
2019 April 15 mon - April 27 sat

Mamoru Kondo, the works by double image, Yuki Sori, the works centered on floral patterns, Kohei Nagasawa , the works based on overlooki...

From the Heian period to Modern Times

Matsumoto Shoeido Tokyo Office
2019 April 14 sun - April 27 sat

Matsumoto Shoeido Tokyo Office will hold "From the Heian period to Modern Times" exhibition. We have selected fine Japanese paint...

Solo Exhibition Rebecca Salter

2019 April 9 tue - April 27 sat

After graduating from Bristol Technical University, Rebecca Salter began her artistic career as a pottery artist. She was fascina...

road to POP

Sansiao Gallery
2019 April 6 sat - April 27 sat

Sansiao Gallery had expertly introduced POP art since its inception at the time of founding. We are pleased to announce an exhibition “r...

Back to the Edo Paintings

2019 March 21 thu - March 31 sun

Ito Jakuchu, Soga Shohaku, Nagasawa Rosetsu, Hakuin Ekaku. This exhibition focuses on these unordinary painters from Edo era....

TAA Special Talk Event 2018

Lecturer: Masaaki Arakawa (Professor of Japanese Art History at Gakushuin University) Interviewer: Tadashi Kawashima (President o...

Potteries of the Jomon

2018 April 26 thu - April 28 sat

Due to injury of owner, the exhibit of jomon pottery will be cancelled but the gallery will open as usual. We will be handing out...

Strange Table Wares

2018 April 26 thu - April 28 sat

An attempt to greatly change the usual table scenery using old ceramics, lacquar wares and komingu (old folk tools) .

Ko-imari for everyday use 2018

To thank our customers, we will provide Ko-imari for everyday use at an affordable price only during the Tokyo Art & Antiques.

Urushi (lacquar) Coated Wooden Bowl That Reached the Summit Murose Kazumi + The Mejiro Urushi Studio

Recently, I find myself regularly using the phrase “urushi (lacquar) coated wooden bowl with rice” in my lectures. Urushi bowls are diff...

TAA 2018 Charity Auction

Charity auction place data
2018 April 26 thu - April 28 sat

*Gallery Suiha will have 2 terms. 1st term: 16-21 (open bid on 21), 2nd term: 23-28 (open bid on 2...


Luca Scandinavia
2018 April 26 thu - May 6 sun

Luca Scandinavia is pleased to announce our Spring Exhibition "KLASSIK KOLLEKTION 2018” that focus on Danish classic modern design 1930-...

Exhibition of Ceramics and Porcelain

2018 April 26 thu - April 28 sat


Best Raku Ware Exhibition 2018

Shimoi Art
2018 April 26 thu - June 26 tue

We are offering best Raku wares of from Chojiro the 1st to Raku Kichizaemon the 15th and other beautiful tea utensils.