We have a great collections of black and red tea bowls, tea ceremony equipments of the Raku family from Chojiro the 1st, Joukei, Nonkau to Kichizaemon Raku the 15th.

In the Momoyama period (the 16th century), the first Raku ware was made by Chojiro, the founder of Raku ware, after receiving orders from Se no Rikyu, Japan's most famous Tea Ceremony artist. Chojiro's unique skill of hand forming has been passed on for over 400 years--15 generations, while individual successors making efforts to establish their own identity in shape, color, glaze and so on, that have been fascinating us. We are offering best works from Chojiro the 1st to Raku Kichizaemon the 15th, and also offering tea-things such as hanging scrolls and tea containers.

3min walk from exit 6 of Kyobashi station of Ginza line, Tokyo Metro.

2min walk from exit A6 of Takaracho station of Toei Asakusa line.

10min walk from Yaesu chuo or south exit of Tokyo station JR