Published: 2018-4-13

"2018 Tokyo Art & Antiques" starts soon
Introducing information booth at TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN and an Audio Tour for tourists

2018 Tokyo Art & Antiques pamphlet
2018 Tokyo Art & Antiques pamphlet

The Organizing Committee of Tokyo Art & Antiques is pleased to announce that “Tokyo Art & Antiques 2018 – Nihonbashi / Kyobashi Art Festival” will be held for three days –Thursday, April 26 to Saturday, April 28, in and around Tokyo’s Nihonbashi and Kyobashi district. The event will involve 89 art dealers, introducing a wide range of art from antique to contemporary. 

The “Tokyo Art & Antiques” first started as “Nihonbashi / Kyobashi Art & Antique Festival” in 1998. This will be the 9th year since the event was renamed to “Tokyo Art & Antiques” in 2010.

Features for this year will be the Special Talk Event, charity auction,  and workshop for children. 52 galleries will hold astonishing exhibitions during the festival.

Moreover, there are two new features to be introduced.

First, the “Tokyo Art & Antiques” will set up an information booth on April 28 at a handcraft event “ART & CRAFT MARKET at TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN ” in Kyobashi (more information below).

Secondly, “Tokyo Art & Antiques” will be setting an audio tour guide for visitors. This tour, easily accessible by smartphones without downloading an app, will provide gallery information not only to the Japanese visitors, but also to the tourists from other countries who have just dropped by, to discover new information and appreciate the history of Kyobashi and NIhonbashi (more information below). 

 The district of Nihonbashi / Kyobashi, in Tokyo's Chuo Ward, has been famous since the post-war era for its dealers in classical art, craft, Nihonga, modern painting, sculpture, prints and so on. Now, the district boasts around 150 such unique specialist galleries, making it second only to Ginza as Tokyo's preeminent arts zone.

The objective of "Tokyo Art & Antiques" festival is to provide an opportunity for many people, regardless of their age, knowledge or origin, to experience Japanese art and antiques firsthand and thereby become acquainted with the joys of collecting in such an area.

This year’s event:


[Event Details]

Event name: Tokyo Art & Antiques—The Nihonbashi/Kyobashi Art Festival

Dates: Thursday, April 26, 2018 to Saturday, April 28, 2018 (Open during the gallery hours)

Location: The area centered on Nihonbashi / Kyobashi district in the Chuo Ward of Tokyo

Number of galleries: 89 galleries

Organizer/Operation: The Organizing Committee of Tokyo & Antiques

Official website:


The “Tokyo Art & Antiques” is a certified project of “beyond 2020” project.



<Reference material>

Download pamphlet of 2018: 


[Information booth detail]

“ART & CRAFT MARKET at TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN” hosted by Aozora Koten Tezukuriichi is a craft fair held every month at TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN (3-1-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo). On Saturday, April 28, “Tokyo Art & Antiques” will set up an information booth to hand out pamphlets, maps and information of the participating galleries. In addition, there will be sales of the participating galleries’ goods, such as original postcards, folders and eco-bags.

Date: Saturday, April 28

Open from 11am – 5pm (Rain or shine, but the schedule is subject to change in the event of inclement weather.)


Related websites:


Aozora Koten Tezukuriichi:


[Audio guide detail]

CO3 Audio Tour Service provided by CO3 inc. is a multi-language guide service. During “Tokyo Art & Antiques”, Japanese, English and some Chinese guide will be available. The user can access the guide by capturing the QR code posted at each gallery. To search a gallery, the user just needs to enter the gallery number posted, or shown on the pamphlet.

CO3 Audio Tour Service:

The actual guide for “Tokyo Art & Antiques” (the guide will be ready around April 23) :


[Featured events]

Special Talk Event “The Research and Collection of Ceramics”

Mr. Arakawa will talk about his experiences and enjoyments he has earned from his research and collections during his curator career at the Idemitsu Museum of Art and his ongoing career at the university.

Lecturer: Masaaki Arakawa (Professor of Japanese Art History at Gakushuin University)

Interviewer: Tadashi Kawashima (President of Mayuyama & Co., Ltd.)


special talk event image
special talk event image


“Charity Auction”

This event started in 2016 for beginners to enjoy bidding art works. The part of the profits will be donated to charity organizations.



“Original Daruma Workshop”

Yukiko Aoki, Japanese style painting artist, will hold a workshop for children to make their own original daruma, painted with various kinds of paints.



Gallery Talk by Tadashi Kawashima "DOGU -Clay Figures-"

Mr. Kawashima will talk about clay figures around the world actually looking at some of the exhibited art works.



[Pick-up Exhibitions]


Exhibition of Flower baskets up to 60,000yen or less :Part 3

Venue: Japanese Bamboo Baskets: Hanabako


Exhibition of Flower baskets up to 60,000yen or less :Part 3 image
Exhibition of Flower baskets up to 60,000yen or less :Part 3 image



Praise copperplate! -- From Munch to Toshihiko Ikeda 100 Works

Munch、Ruault、Tetsuro Komai、Chimei Hamada、Masuo Ikeda、Toshihiko Ikeda、Junji Yamada... etc. Art Exhibition of copperplate only



Praise copperplate! -- From Munch to Toshihiko Ikeda 100 Works image
Praise copperplate! -- From Munch to Toshihiko Ikeda 100 Works image



 Life on this planet

"Life on this planet" is a joint exhibition by two different type of galleries, the antique Oriental art "MOKKEI" and the gallery "Maison de neko", with the themes of living things on the planet. Carefully selected antique Asian and Dutch ceramics, Asian paintings and contemporary metal carvings, wood carvings, Ceramics and frames will be shown in harmony.

Venue: Maison de neko / MOKKEI


Life on this planet image
Life on this planet image


Shiro Hasegawa Solo Exhibition



Shiro Hasegawa Solo Exhibition image
Shiro Hasegawa Solo Exhibition image



Ko-imari for everyday use

To thank our customers, we will provide Ko-imari for everyday use at an affordable price only during the Tokyo Art & Antiques.

Venue: Oriental Antiques Gallery Maesaka Seitendo


Ko-imari for everyday use image
Ko-imari for everyday use image




Entering Edo period "KITAMAE ship" carry the warm cotton cloths from the South aria, Kyusyu or Shikoku region. These indigo dyed cloths warmed up north aria's people. And they care for these precious cloths, strengthen with splicing or embroidery "SASHIKO" or made an another cloth "SAKIORI" by split wear out cloth and weave.

Recent years, these "BORO" is evaluated in Japan also in the world and collected by many manias because of its beauty.Venue: ARTSPACE MAYU                                          


BORO image
BORO image


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