Published: 2016-3-31

Questionnaire Form

There is a questionnaire form at the end of the pamphlet. If you can read japanese, you can fill in the form and put it in the questionnaire box at the gallery. The galleries also has copies of the form so you do not necessary have to wrip off the page if you do not wish to do so. We are giving out a small present for those who have answered the form. (The present ends as soon as it reaches the limit and will only be for those who have visited the gallery)

We have also made a questionnaire form in the website for those who cannot read japanese or did not have enough time.
Please feel free to send us your comments to make this event better. We will not recieve any personal information. (The present is not handed out for the web forms)
Note: If you have questions that needs to be replied, please use the contact form.

Questionnaire Form>>

The questionnaire box will be placed at these galleries.

questionnaires are collected at these galleries