• Around 60 galleries will have exhibitions!


    97 galleries will be attending the Tokyo Art & Antiques this year and 60 galleries will hold exhibitions and events. Please check the exhibitions here. https://www.tokyoartantiques.com/event-list/ *There may be cancelation and postponed.

  • Announcement of Tokyo Art & Antiques 2018


    The next Tokyo Art & Antiques will be held from April 26 to 28. We are planing many exhibitions, talk events, hopefully collaborations and more! Please look forward.   <Neighbor Information> At Ginza, an art event called "Xmas Art Festa" will be h...

  • 2017 Tokyo Art & Antiques event review


    The 2017 Tokyo Art & Antiques Festival was held for 2 days in Nihonbashi and Kyobashi area where the cherry blossoms still bloomed in a great spring weather.  This year, the participating galleries reached 86 galleries, which is 7 more than last year, a...

  • Charity auction and talk event information


    Tokyo Art & Antiques is preparing many events this year too. We have announced our Charity auction detail. Charity Auction There are also many talk events such as ... KYOBASHI EDOGRAND -Special Talk Event- Gallery Talk by Tadashi Kawashima “Chinese Arts...

  • Participating galleries and exhibition schedule of 2017


    We are happy to announce our participating galleries of 2017 Tokyo Art & Antiques and the exhibition schedules of the galleries. We have also issued our press release vol.1 The '2017 Tokyo Art & Antiques' will be held on Friday 14, April and Saturda...

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