Introducing Eastern and Western antiquities centered on Chinese ceramics.Items are available on Instagram.It's on the edge of Nihonbashi, but I'd be very happy if you could come.Business hours are from 11:00 to 18:00. It is often closed for auction,so it is actually an irregular holiday.However, if you contact us, we can open the store regardless of weekends and holidays.Please feel free to con...

 The beauty of art has always captivated our hearts.We, Kashima Arts, is continuously seek to contribute to the development of art through nourishment of the two “eyes” called Shinbigan; 真美眼(an eye to see the true beauty) and 審美眼(an eye to see the true value) . What these “eyes” look into is all the beauty from east and west, ranging from traditional Japanese art to up-and-coming contem...

After being founded as the primary division of the gallery in 2009, Gallery Seek has crossed over participation in art fairs and events that the gallery has never tried before, presenting artists from multiple angles. ..We are also exhibiting at art fairs in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Asia, such as exhibiting at the domestic art fair at Kobe Art Marche for the first time in 2011...

The Tokyo Art & Antique Committee has decided to cancel the Tokyo Art & Antique 2020 event due to the announcement of today's emergency declaration. We are very sorry, but we ask for your understanding. Also, we are very sorry for those who were looking forward to this event every year and those who have planned for the first time this year. We will look forward to more exciting project... (2020-4-7)

We will be canceling and postponing some events and exhibitions that fallows. We do not ask you to come to our event in this situation.The galleries will still be here and will welcome you any time after the virus is settled and it is safe for everyone.   [Cancelled] ● P.3, P.12  All events at Galleria Community Space(Concerge desk, sale of Hakuji Saika, Talk event by Ms. Yumiko Sato) ● P.4, 5,... (2020-3-31)

97 galleries will be attending the Tokyo Art & Antiques this year and 60 galleries will hold exhibitions and events. Please check the exhibitions here. *There may be cancelation and postponed. (2020-1-24)

The next Tokyo Art & Antiques will be held from April 26 to 28. We are planing many exhibitions, talk events, hopefully collaborations and more! Please look forward.   <Neighbor Information> At Ginza, an art event called "Xmas Art Festa" will be held from December 8. It really is amazing looking at all the top galleries in Ginza showing their collections and exhibitions at once. If yo... (2017-12-1)

The 2017 Tokyo Art & Antiques Festival was held for 2 days in Nihonbashi and Kyobashi area where the cherry blossoms still bloomed in a great spring weather.  This year, the participating galleries reached 86 galleries, which is 7 more than last year, and 56 galleries held exhibitions to welcome visitors. The number of visitors varied from gallery to gallery, but there were around 250 visit... (2017-4-29)

Tokyo Art & Antiques is preparing many events this year too. We have announced our Charity auction detail. Charity Auction There are also many talk events such as ... KYOBASHI EDOGRAND -Special Talk Event- Gallery Talk by Tadashi Kawashima “Chinese Arts of Pre-era Gallery Talk by Shoichiro Watanabe of S. WATANABE COLOR PRINT Co. (2017-3-20)

We are happy to announce our participating galleries of 2017 Tokyo Art & Antiques and the exhibition schedules of the galleries. We have also issued our press release vol.1 The '2017 Tokyo Art & Antiques' will be held on Friday 14, April and Saturday 15 April. We are expecting some events you can enjoy, so please look forward! >>Exhibition schedules >>Press release vol.1 (2017-2-11)