Published: 2018-4-29

Thank you for coming to Tokyo Art & Antiques

View of the information booth at the ART & CRAFT MARKET at TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN
View of the information booth at the ART & CRAFT MARKET at TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN

Tokyo Art & Antiques has closed its 3 exciting days.

Art lovers, repeaters and many first-time visitors, thank you for visiting us!

We have received some nice messages too.

We will be reporting our event soon on the website. Please look forward.


Dear visitors,

If you have time, it would be very kind of you to answer few question at our questionnaire form.

Your comments would really help us make this event better.

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Although our TAA event has ended, there are still some galleries exhibiting.

If you didn't have time to visit, or didn't have enough time, you can still visit some great exhibitions here.


[until today, 29th]

Tasuku Yanagida Solo Exhibition at Ginza Kawauso gallery


[still exhibiting fo a while]

Tea Ceremony Bowls and Potteries of Modern / Contemporary Masters, Venue: Maruzen, Nihonbashi, 3rd Floor Gallery, until May 1 tue

Taiaki Yano -Cirque de verre-, Venue: Gallery MARI, until May 2 wed *Open every day during exhibition, Last day ends at 5pm

Japanese Art Sales Exhibition - BISAI -, Venue: KASHIMA ARTS, until May 6 sun

KLASSIK KOLLEKTION 2018, Venue: Luca Scandinavia, until May 6 sun

-Spring Exhibition- THE INVITATION TO ANTIQUES, Venue: T.EDO INOUYE & SON oriental art NIHONBASHI, until May 10 thu

Best Raku Ware Exhibition, Venue: Shimoi Art, until June 26 tue