[Canceled] Special Talk Event by Yumiko Sato (close)

The exhibition and Talk event at Galleria Community Space is canceled. We will be showing Ms. Sato's table coordinations by photographs on the website.

Series: Let's have an Omotenashi Art in everyday life, we will hold a talk event titled "These are my favorite things --Bringing art in your daily life" by Yumiko Sato.

We asked Ms. Yumiko Sato, space and table coordinator, to make a wonderful coordination of a scene in daily life with art works provided from galleries. 

On April 23rd (thu), Ms. Sato will talk about how to make bautiful coordination of things easily for beginners. You may also go see the actual art works at the galleries as well as Ms. Sato's table coordination work at Nihonabshi Galleria Community Space.




Sato Yumiko cordination image

Yumiko SATO

Space Coordinator
Representative of Food and Space Design, Studio Stråle.
Her interes is in the Japanese aesthetic sense, such as feeling the beauty of petals floating on water or the leaves falling on the garden.
She studies Japanese traditional culture and crafts and am enthusiastic about spreading traditional craft. 
She supports the world of Japanese and Western craftsmanship through her beautiful coordinated tables.
Her borderless and rich expression of style to coordinate the space has attracted many people.




Lovely Space with Art


Bamboo flower basket by Jiro Yonezawa.
Maki-e with rabbit design, around prewar period. 
Japanese Bamboo Baskets -HANABAKO-

Nils Thorsson and Severin Hansen Jr., Royal Copenhagen “Baca” Console table 1970's
Table Lamp 1950's
Poul Hundevad “Gold Hill” folding stool inTeak 1950's  
Luca Scandinavia


Hanging Scroll "春梅銀座" Kawai Gyokudo 
kujaku gallery

Makie Hanami Jyu, Paulownia and Pheonix Design, Late Edo period to Meiji period.
Lacquer bowl with chrysanthemum design, Genroku Matsuda, Showa period.
Kadomatsu Seishindo

Mahogany Conference Table, Hans J. Wegner, 1970's
LYNGBY VASEN Original early model 1930's  
Luca Scandinavia


"Perser Unite22" Ndoye Douts  
Gallery SUIHA

Edo Kiriko (cutting glass) Tokkuri
Edo glass cups
Non colored Satsuma Kiriko glass cup 
antique shop Wabisuke

Blue and white container with lid, Holland, 18c
Blue and white parrot figure, Holland, 18c

Ole Wanscher, Dining room suite (Mahogany, Horse hair) 1960's
Luca Scandinavia


Hanging Scroll "厨の朝 Kuriya no asa" Hashimoto Kansetsu
kujaku gallery

Kakiemon colored lion figures (pair), Edo period late 17c
Oriental Antiques Gallery Maesaka Seitendo

White glazed Jar, Holland, 18c
Blue and white Copper print tea cups, Holland, 19c

Flower shaped pure silver tea cup saucer, Chikueido Eishin, Showa period.
Kadomatsu Seishindo

Mahogany Conference Table, Hans J. Wegner, 1970's
Luca Scandinavia


The place and furniture was provided by Luca Scandinavia.
Photographs: Mariko Watanabe


1F Nihombashi Takashimaya Mitsui Bldg., Community Space 2-5-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-6199 Japan 0----- 10:00 - 18:00 -