In April 1905, the young 22-year-old Matsutarō Mayuyama (1882-1935), founder of Mayuyama & Co., (present-day Mayuyama & Co., Ltd.) set out on his own to Beijing, and there began his antiques business. At the time Beijing was a bustling art market thanks to rising Western interest in Asian art. The ancient cultural properties accidentally discovered and excavated during railway work on t...

We handle Japanese and Korean old ceramics, lacquer ware, old folk implements, archaeological relics and metalwork.

   Enamel or Polychrome is one of the most sophisticated production techniques among ceramic and porcelain arts by which kiln-site directors and potters apply the colored over-glazes to decorate the porcelain transparent surface in the high-temperature firing. Various patterns are designed and painted by different colors, mainly red color, providing the enamel with a highly pictorial decoration... (2020-3-12)

This exhibition is canceled.   We will display Chinese ceramics and ancient Greek art. (2020-1-22)