• Flowers


    "Flowers" will be held as a special exhibition of Okuma gallery's 5th anniversary. We will display piece with flower motifs and piece that can be used as vases from Chinese ceramics and Goryeo piece. Since it is our 5th anniversary, we will decorate our pie...

  • Celadon


    We will hold a celadon exhibition as an exhibition commemorating the 3rd anniversary of OKUMA GALLERY. Longquan celadon, Yaozhou kiln, Jun ware, Koshi kiln, Goryeo celadon, etc. will be exhibited and sold, and pottery pieces from Longquan kiln will also be ...

  • Thank you for coming to Tokyo Art & Antiques


    Tokyo Art & Antiques has closed its 3 exciting days. Art lovers, repeaters and many first-time visitors, thank you for visiting us! We have received some nice messages too. We will be reporting our event soon on the website. Please look forward.   Dear ...

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