Hakkendo was opened in 2010. Since its establishment, we had provided numerous art exhibition plans and works as an art dealer to art galleries and galleries of famous department stores nationwide, based in Ginza.Then, in February 2015, the first gallery was opened in Setagaya Monozukuri School (iiD) in Ikejiri with the aim of becoming a "window to the world of art" so that local people can eas...

On Utage  Kashima Arts is proud to announce the launch of Utage, a series of special exhibitions to be held every spring. Catered to each occasion, these exhibitions will showcase the best of Kashima Arts’ selection. In this new tradition, Kashima Arts will introduce, exhibit, and offer the very best of Japanese art, from hanging scrolls to calligraphy and paintings, each spring through Utage.... (2022-3-1)

The exhibition will focus on oil paintings and drawings (watercolors) by modern Western-style painters.   While you can see the movements of the artist's hands and trivial ideas that you can't feel in oil paintings, you can feel the artist's character in oil paintings with bold colors and matiere. (2022-3-1)

Lovely Space with Art On the dinning table, on the side table, at the entrance, put your favorite art work. Try to unify the whole color using it. It just makes the place tighter and more elegant. It's a space you see every day, so it would be nice if you could produce something that looks wonderful and value each day. At the TAA, participating stores rented venues and works, and the space coor... (2020-4-8)

This exhibition is postponed. (schedule undecided)   Holding an art exhibition of Japanese artists work from Meiji, Taisho and Showa period (1868〜1989). We wish you to visit our exhibition and take opportunity to feel traditional Japanese art works. (2020-1-22)