The exhibition 'Jomon pottery' planned by Kyorai will be cancelled due to injury of the owner, but the gallery will be open as usual. During the period, Kyorai will hand out postcards and dogu cookies for visitors. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. (2018-3-29)

Stone carved cow, Sumer Bronze ringholder, East Zhou dynasty Bronze goat, Luristan Designed Brick, Han dynasty (2018-3-26)

The pamphlet of Tokyo Art & Antiques of 2018 will be distributed from March 8 at the Tokyo Art Fair 2018 held at the Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho.      Many galleries of Tokyo Art & Antqiques also participates in Tokyo Art Fair. Please come and enjoy this fair too. Tokyo Art Fair Website   [Galleries also participating in the Tokyo Art Fair] GALLERY CELLAR Daishojiya Shibuya k... (2018-3-4)

Charity bid will be held at the galleries bellow. Part of the profit will be donated to charity organizations.(Please ask the gallery which organization the gallery will donating.) How to partícipate1. Check some the art works at the website. (Note: The bid will not be held at the website. Not all of the art works will be updated.) 2. Visit the gallery during the Tokyo Art & Antiques perio... (2017-3-20)

松沢京子さん ——お店の特徴を教えてくださいますか。 松沢 酒器とか食器とか使えるものはあまり扱わないかもしれません。ライフスタイルの中で感覚を磨くというのではなく、考古遺物として見ていくほうが楽しいのかもしれません。感性で物を見ていった場合、今生きている時間なり背景の文化に支配されています。自分独自の感受性と思っていたものが実は時代の裏返しだった、子供のころ見たアニメの「孫悟空」、世界を周ってお... (2015-3-24)