Uragami Sokyu-do Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979 in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. The founder, Mitsuru Uragami, worked for a well-established antique art dealer, Mayuyama & Co., for five years. Then started his own business, which marks its 40th anniversary. Uragami Sokyu-do Co., Ltd. deal with the works of Asian art, especially that of Chinese, Korean and Japanese ceramics; as well as Ukiyo-e wood bloc...

We are happy to announce the coming Tokyo Art & Antique of 2019 will be held from April 25 (thu) to 27 (sat). We have started recruiting galleries, and we are gathering ideas for next year's event.   Also, the ART & CRAFT MARKET has made a promotion video, which was held on the last day of Tokyo Art & Antiques of 2018. The overview of Tokyo Art & Antiques is introduced here very... (2018-9-14)

We have interviewed the artist, Yo Seto and Haruomi Izumi, at their group exhibition at SHIKISAISHA.   Gallery information here (2018-4-30)

We have interviewed Mr. Norihiko Kamei, a contemporary flower artist, who has worked on creating a beautiful and mysterious world of flowers arranged in oriental antique vases for the gallery.  You can view his works here at his official website. https://www.kameinorihiko.jp/ Gallery information here (2018-4-27)

We have interviewed the artist, Yukiko Aoki, at her solo exhibition at Hayashida gallery.   Gallery information here (2018-4-27)

We have interviewed Oriental Antiques Gallery Maesaka Seitendo about the exhibition "Ko-imari for everyday use". Gallery information here (2018-4-26)

We have interviewed OKUMA GALLERY, that has just newly opened in April. Gallery information here (2018-4-25)

We have interviewed the owner of Gallery SUIHA about the "HANS INNEMÉE EXHIBITION". The movie of the artist actually working on his painting can be viewed here https://www.suiha.co.jp/artists/contract-artists/hans_innemee/  Gallery Detail page (2018-4-25)

Hans Innemee is a Dutch artist whose artworks have been featured in the newspapers and art magazines as a new type of contemporary art and gained a lot of attention in mainly Europe. His artworks are created by his unique method called Mulberry Paper Transfer Process. Combined with his own composition derived from abstract art, the charm of his works lies in the mixed description of the familia... (2018-2-5)