As the theme “The beautiful things penetrating now”, We are dealing with Oriental and Western antique art.

note: For car users, we can give you informations of the nearest parking lot. We handle oriental ceramics of Ming and Qing dynasty as our main item, and also ceramics of Holand (Delft) that has great relation with the orient. Feel free to ask for what you are looking for or if you are a beginner. We have a wide range of ceramics and procelains from high quality art to daily use. We hope to succ...

Hirano Kotoken has been dealing with Chinese and Korean works of art for over 80 years, since our establishment in 1936. Over the years, clients have included national or private museums, institutions and important private collectors from all over the world.

Approximately 100 years ago, a ceramic pottery was found in the Choshu kiln in the town of "Chuka" in southern Hebei. Many people were fascinated by the vibrant, free and clear patterns and powerful modeling, and it became a typical kiln for Song Ming. The Shinshu kiln is fired by applying white makeup and transparent glaze to a gray substrate. Although it is a soft and warm style unique to a t... (2020-1-28)

Our gallery will be exhibiting blue and white dishes from the Ming to Qing dynasty at a reasonable price during the Tokyo Art & Antique period. Dishes that are great to serve sweets and cuisine. We will also exhibit celadons from the Southern Song to Ming dynasty at a good price as well as Goryeo and Annan wares that have been influenced by the Chinese ceramics. Please enjoy the blue and wh... (2019-2-1)

Monochrome, in the sense of painting practised without multiple colours, appeared surprisingly early, as part of the pure landscape genre that developed in the tenth century between the Tang and the beginning of the Song dynasties. The Monochrome landscapes were founded solely on the rich palette of values inherent in the brush-and-ink technique and first came to maturity in the Song era.Song p... (2017-2-10)