Published: 2019-3-12

Talk events and exhibition schedule of "Tokyo Art & Antiques"
April 25 to 27, 2019
"Tokyo Art & Anqiques" will approach its 10th anniversary

The district of Kyobashi area where small antiquary shops and galleries gather.
The district of Kyobashi area where small antiquary shops and galleries gather.

The Organizing Committee of Tokyo Art & Antiques is pleased to announce that “2019 Tokyo Art & Antiques – Nihonbashi / Kyobashi Art Festival” will be held for three days –Thursday, April 25 to Saturday, April 27, in and around Tokyo’s Nihonbashi and Kyobashi district. The event will involve 96 art dealers, introducing a wide range of art from antique to contemporary. The year 2019 will approach its 10th anniversary.


The programs for this year will include gallery talks, charity auction, tea ceremony event and workshops will be held to coincide with “Tokyo Art & Antiques” festival. Visitors will be able to enjoy participating events, get to know more about this district and the long-established galleries as well as the special exhibitions held by 56 galleries to entertain visitors.


We will also be preparing an information base on th 27th(sat) at the ART & CRAFT MARKET @TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN and 24th(wed) to 28th(sun) at Nihonbashi Galeria Community Space along with some workshops and sale of small craft works.

Information booth at ART & CRAFT MARKET


The “Tokyo Art & Antiques” first started as “Nihonbashi / Kyobashi Art & Antique Festival” in 1998, held once or twice every year. This will be the 9th year since the event was renamed to “Tokyo Art & Antiques” in 2010.

The district of Nihonbashi / Kyobashi, in Tokyo's Chuo Ward, has been famous since the post-war era for its dealers in classical art, craft, Nihonga, modern painting, sculpture, prints and so on. Now, the district boasts around 150 such unique specialist galleries, making it second only to Ginza as Tokyo's preeminent arts zone.


The objective of "Tokyo Art & Antiques" festival is to provide an opportunity for many people, regardless of their age, knowledge or origin, to experience Japanese art and antiques firsthand and thereby become acquainted with the joys of collecting in such an area.


Exhibitions and event list:


[Event Details]

Event name: Tokyo Art & Antiques—The Nihonbashi/Kyobashi Art Festival

Dates: Thursday, April 25 to Saturday, April 27, 2019 (Open during the gallery hours)

Location: The area centered on Nihonbashi / Kyobashi district in the Chuo Ward of Tokyo

Number of galleries: 96 galleries

Organizer/Operation: The Organizing Committee of Tokyo & Antiques

Official website:


The “Tokyo Art & Antiques” is a certified project of “beyond 2020” project.

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Videos of interviews with the gallery:


[Information base]

The “ART & CRAFT MARKET @TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN” (3-1-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku) is held every month. On April 27th(sat), “Tokyo Art & Antiques” will prepare an information booth at this event to guide the way to galleries and hand out pamphlets and maps. There will also be sales of small craft works by artists.

Time: 11am to 5pm (Rain or shine, but the schedule is subject to change in the event of inclement weather.)

Related websites:


Aozora koten tezukuri ichi


The “Nihonbashi Galeria Community Space” (2-5-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku) will be the base information center of “Tokyo Art & Antiques” from 24th(wed) to 28th(sun). “Tokyo Art & Antiques” will collaborate with “Hale marche”, a sister brand of “ART & CRAFT MARKET”, to sell craft art works and carry out a workshop by a Japanese style painter and receive semi-order accessories. The objective of this space is to prepare a chance for young people to take in the beauty of hand craft objects in the daily life and know more about “art”.

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Hale marche




 “Charity Auction”

An event for beginners to enjoy bidding art works. The part of the profits will be donated to charity organizations.

 “Tokyo Art & Antiques” will be giving out special 10th anniversary present, for the who have made bids. (The present is scheduled to be an original “furoshiki” -- a traditional large cloth to wrap items, to 10-20 bidders.


Venue: At participating galleries (Announcement will be made in the middle of February)

Bidding starts: Thursday, April 25, 2019 *Some galleries may start before April 25

End of bidding: Saturday, April 27, 2019 *Some galleries may extend to April 28

Art works for the auction will be posted on the official website from Monday, March 25, 2019

<How to bid>


Gallery Talk by Shoichiro Watanabe

April 26 fri. and 27 sat.

Venue: Maruzen, Nihonbashi, 3rd Floor Gallery

Both days starts at 2pm. 

Admission free

Shoichiro Watanabe (President of Watanabe wood cut print) will talk about the wood block print artist Kawase Hasui.

Gallery Talk image of Shoichiro Watanabe
Gallery Talk image of Shoichiro Watanabe



Gallery Talk by Tadashi Kawashima “The Horse Motif in the Artworks”

Gallery Talk: 4/26 and 4/27


Both days start at 3pm.

Admission free.

Gallery Talk image of Tadashi Kawashima from 2018
Gallery Talk image of Tadashi Kawashima from 2018



Workshop "Sewing up a silk cloth, Fukusa"

April 25 thu - April 27 sat

Venue: Kishu edo-shifuku

A workshop class to have the experience of making a small silk cloth called "Ko Fukusa", which is used in practice of tea ceremony.

Notice: Reservation for class is required.

Fee: 1,000yen + price of cloth (from 5,000yen)

workshop image
workshop image



Toru Ichikawa solo Exhibition

April 16 tue - April 27 sat


Toru Ichikawa continues to develop ceramics works with its own style. Presenting a strong expression of assertion such as red and black, gold silver, kiln change etc. to the edged form. He continues to disseminate themes with a highly self-assertive style.

Toru Ichikawa solo exhibition image
Toru Ichikawa solo exhibition image




April 15 mon - April 27 sat  11:00 - 18:00 Open every day during the exhibition


LWA LWA族 H. 25cm
LWA LWA tribe H. 25cm



Ryota Yuki Solo Exhibition

April 22 mon - April 28 sun

Venue: Sakai Kyouseido

This young artist has been presenting his works at In-ten. Please enjoy the artist's unique works, which he has been pursuing.

"Hale no niwa"
"Hale no niwa"



road to POP

April 6 sat - April 27 sat

Venue: Sansiao Gallery

Sansiao Gallery had expertly introduced POP art since its inception at the time of founding. We are pleased to announce an exhibition “road to POP” that you can cover many keywords long walk to POP.






Hyakusui Hirafuku Exhibition

April 22 mon - April 27 sat

Venue: Gallery Gunji Co.,Ltd

We will exhibit small works of Japanese style paintings, hanging scroll paintings of Hyakusui Hirafuku, an artist from Akita prefecture and a talented rival of Yokoyama Taikan.

image of Hyakusui Hirafuku Exhibition
image of
Hyakusui Hirafuku Exhibition



From the Heian period to Modern Times

April 14 sun - April 27 sat

Venue: Matsumoto Shoeido Tokyo OfficeA selection of fine Japanese paintings of each era.

image of "From the Heian period to Modern Times"
image of "From the Heian period to Modern Times"



Kobata Kimiyo Japanese Style Painting, with a Tea Ceremony Taste "Wakakusa monogatari hen"

April 22 mon - April 30 tue

Venue: Shibata Etsuko Gallery

This is an exhibition to enjoy a heartwarming painting and a tea ceremony with daily use utensils.

Image view of tea ceremony and exhibition
Image view of tea ceremony and exhibition

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