We handle contemporary art craft. (especially ceramics) We handle artists of: Shinobu Kawase, Akihiro Maeta, Sueharu Fukami, Hatakeyama Koji, Yo Akiyama, Shukoh Hayashi, etc. Our gallery was established in 1987. Using our knowledge and eyes fostered from fine antique art, we present highly qualified modern and contemporary art craft that is able to be passed on the the next generation.

Our wish is to come across the beauty man has created, which is beyond the age or cultural difference. By introducing folk art, we have been exploring the meaning of beauty in our daily life, which modern people seems to be forgetting. Looking at the the artistic hand weaved cloths, which reflect a great deal of its culture, we hope to share the modesty and hardiness of people who live in their...

Picture size 58.5×42 Picture frame size 80×65 cm Jean-Pierre Cassigneul July 13, 1935-, a French contemporary painter and printmaker. Born in Paris, France. male. Born in Paris, France, Casignol is a world-renowned writer with a unique position in contemporary French art.His sweet and graceful images of women, such as solo exhibitions in France and the United States, have attracted people all o... (2020-6-8)

Kakuen Takenoko Kinoko Shirochibu Cup Drawn by Aka-e detailed drawing of Kutani pottery. W. 5.2cm, H. 4.8cm (2020-5-7)