• Bringing Art Into Your Daily Life Part 1


    Lovely Space with Art On the dinning table, on the side table, at the entrance, put your favorite art work. Try to unify the whole color using it. It just makes the place tighter and more elegant. It's a space you see every day, so it would be nice if you c...

  • art map 2019 errata


    There was an error of Luca Scandinavia (no.5) on the Art Map.(The download version PDF is corrected)Please be careful when visiting.errata: CLOSED 火曜休/Tue correct: CLOSED 水曜休/Wed

  • Thank you for coming to Tokyo Art & Antiques


    Tokyo Art & Antiques has closed its 3 exciting days. Art lovers, repeaters and many first-time visitors, thank you for visiting us! We have received some nice messages too. We will be reporting our event soon on the website. Please look forward.   Dear ...

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