Under the concept of “Highly appreciated art for use” widely suggesting total settings for many situations like tea ceremony or tableware, we treat woodworks, metal works, lacquer works in addition to antiques and paintings, in addition to modern and contemporary pottery.We have exhibitions of great masters who have led the pottery world from modern to the contemporary age, and also the exhibit...

We handle antiques and antique art, such as ceramic and porcelain, old paintings and calligraphy, lacquer ware, tea ceremony equipments and Buddhist art. We selecte iems that are enjoyable and attractive regardless of age, country, genre, or price.

We handle contemporary art craft. (especially ceramics) We handle artists of: Shinobu Kawase, Akihiro Maeta, Sueharu Fukami, Hatakeyama Koji, Yo Akiyama, Shukoh Hayashi, etc. Our gallery was established in 1987. Using our knowledge and eyes fostered from fine antique art, we present highly qualified modern and contemporary art craft that is able to be passed on the the next generation.

コロナ禍という変化のうねりの中で、論理的な思考だけでは進展しない問題をいかにして解くか、多くの企業やビジネスパーソンがその答えを模索しています。   その答えの一つとして2021年から始まった、 オフィスビルから最新の現代アートを発信する新たな試み「Art in Tokyo YNK」。 「TOKYO YNK」は、東京有数のビジネス拠点、八重洲・日本橋・京橋の頭文字をとって、(TOKYOYNK=トウキョウ インク)。   「Art in Tokyo YNK... (2022-4-13)

<Artists who carry Japanese culture and continue to shine>We would like to introduce you to the artists of Japanese painting and Western painting who lived in the Meiji, Taisho, Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa eras.We will also exhibit the work of artist Toko Shinoda, who died at the age of 107 last year.Please feel the art up close and enjoy it.Atsushi Uemura, Chusaku Oyama, Yasushi Sugiyama, T... (2022-3-1)

The contemporary art exhibition "Art in Tokyo YNK" (Tokyo Inc. = Yaesu, Nihonbashi, Kyobashi) will be held at Tokyo Square Garden from November 11th (Thursday) to 30th (Tuesday). A new attempt to display young artists from the project "TOKYO CONTEMPORARY KYOBASHI" launched by two young gallery owners, "Shikisaisha" and "TOMOHIKO YOSHINO GALLERY", in the space of a large office building in Toky... (2021-11-2)

Furukawa is the artist, who in charged texts and illustrations of the “Walking to search Tokyo for the lost Edo” in the “monthly NIHOMBASHI” for two and half years. The show will be first occasion to check these original paintings on this series. (2021-1-15)