Nabeshima / Kakiemon / Ko-Kutani / Ko-Imari / Shoki-ImariHizen Arita (Japanese antique ceramics)Message from the owner:What do you image when you think of the word "Antique"?I feel very close to it since my father has been dealing with antiques, but I think it is not so easy to go through the doors of the antique shops. I would like to envite those people and enjoy the fun of antique with them...

昨今、普段の食卓に古陶磁(古い陶磁器)を上手に取り入れたいという人が増えています。飾ったり、コレクションしたりすることも古陶磁の楽しみ方の一つですが、日本橋にある前坂晴天堂では、地元アートイベントで大人気の「普段使いの古伊万里展」など、“使い手”の視点に立った企画で古伊万里の魅力を伝えてきました。そんな前坂晴天堂の店主・前坂規之さんと、前坂さんの協力者であり応援者である空間コーディネーターの佐藤... (2020-4-25)

前回は、リビングやダイニングなど、家の中のくつろぎ空間をイメージして佐藤由美子先生にコーディネートいただいた写真を公開しました。  今回は、佐藤由美子先生が自然豊かなご自宅で撮影した春らしいコーディネートをご紹介します。自由にアレンジ、コーディネートをお願いしたところ、和のテイストが強い器類がなんともモダンに仕上がりました。敢えて、和菓子を使用せず、それぞれの色合いが引き立つバランスで爽やかな春... (2020-4-12)

Lovely Space with Art On the dinning table, on the side table, at the entrance, put your favorite art work. Try to unify the whole color using it. It just makes the place tighter and more elegant. It's a space you see every day, so it would be nice if you could produce something that looks wonderful and value each day. At the TAA, participating stores rented venues and works, and the space coor... (2020-4-8)

The Tokyo Art & Antique Committee has decided to cancel the Tokyo Art & Antique 2020 event due to the announcement of today's emergency declaration. We are very sorry, but we ask for your understanding. Also, we are very sorry for those who were looking forward to this event every year and those who have planned for the first time this year. We will look forward to more exciting project... (2020-4-7)

The exhibition and Talk event at Galleria Community Space is canceled. We will be showing Ms. Sato's table coordinations by photographs on the website. Series: Let's have an Omotenashi Art in everyday life, we will hold a talk event titled "These are my favorite things --Bringing art in your daily life" by Yumiko Sato.  We asked Ms. Yumiko Sato, space and table coordinator, to make a wonderful ... (2020-3-6)

This exhibition is cancelled.   We exhibit Koーimari for everyday use at sale price in our shop during the Tokyo Art & Antiques. Don't miss this chance! (2020-1-22)

We exhibit Koーimari for everyday use at sale price in our shop during the Tokyo Art & Antiques. Don't miss this chance! (2019-2-1)

The 2018 Tokyo Art & Antiques Festival was held for 3 days in Nihonbashi and Kyobashi area early summer like weather.  This year, the participating galleries reached 89 galleries, which is 3 more than last year, and 52 galleries held exhibitions to welcome visitors. The number of visitors varied from gallery to gallery, but there were around 120 visitors a day at the most in some of the gal... (2018-6-5)

We have interviewed Oriental Antiques Gallery Maesaka Seitendo about the exhibition "Ko-imari for everyday use". Gallery information here (2018-4-26)